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My Life As A Background Kemetic

Basic information about who I am as Kemetic Orthodox, a Kemetic independent, and a general pagan.

A functioning Senut shrine

Dem Gods, Dem Gods, Dem Dry gods

I mention a lot of Gods on this little site. Some information about my experiences with them is in here.

Divinatory Revelatory

I do a few forms of divination for myself and others. For information on what I do and how to request a reading, head this way.

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Hands-on, hands-off

I practice both Usui and traditional Japanese Reiki, and am happy to perform distance healings. For more information, click the button.

My life as a background Kemetic

My secular name is Isha, and my Shemsu name in the Kemetic Orthodox tradition is Tai'awepwawet, where I am a Shemsu-Ankh. In that tradition I was divined a child of Wepwawet, beloved of Serqet, Bast, and Ra-Heruakhty. I received later beloved divinations which confirmed Hethert-Amenti and Nit-Nebthet-Seshat as beloveds as well.

I'm 34, live in the UK, and have been Kemetic in some form or other for probably about 20 years now. I joined the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer in 2009, left in 2011 after some divinations led me to feel Wepwawet wanted me to walk an independent path, and until 2018 I lived as an independent Kemetic.

This was a necessary time for me, I have come to believe. Without a structure and perceived path, I had to figure out where I was going for myself, I had to figure out what I wanted, what I needed, what I believed and why. When I rejoined the House of Netjer in 2018, it was with a much better sense of where I was spiritually.

I am a perpetually tired pigeon, and that can make spirituality hard for me. Faith is faith, but spiritual acts take spoons. Even the act of keeping the Netjeru in my focus is subtly draining, and kicks other things, things I need to be doing, out of my brainspace. But after all these years of ups and downs, closeness and distance, and being taught by my Gods to walk Their path without Their handholding, I still feel I'm in a good place.

I hope I can share some of that with you through the services that I offer on this site.

Dem Gods, Dem Gods, Dem Dry gods


There are a lot of Kemetic Gods, lets be honest. And not all of the information about them is easy to digest. Here I present some short(-ish) blurbs about my personal experience with these particular Netjeru, to add clarity as you read the rest of the site.

Wepwawet and Sed

Historically, Wepwawet has been a very jovial, easy-going Netjer with me. A sly grin, a chuckle, a pat on the shoulder, he's been a relaxing God to be close to.

More recently he's been very much more deep into his role as the one over the Ways, an aspect some people might call "Star Jackal". I also get him strongly as King, or Lord of the Two Lands. This new face that he presents to me believes strongly in personal strength and empowerment, though never at the cost of health. It is this new face that led me to believe the older jackal God Sed might be somehow influencing my experience.

Much experience, pondering, and divination has revealed that not only is Sed related to my Wepwawet, my Wep takes the form of the aspected Wepwawet-Sed. For more info on all of this, check out this page.


Hethert was not a Netjer I ever thought I'd know. I was love-averse, and so I was Hethert-averse. But I met her in a Saq (ritual possession), where nothing was said and yet everything was said. I have been a devotee since.

The form of Hethert I get is all Hetherts, but the face she primarily shows me is Hethert-Amenti. This face is just as loving as "vanilla" Hethert, but it's a soft, gossamer love. A faint soothing breeze. A cool drink of milk. Her laughter tinkles quietly, it isn't raucous. She is the shade of the tree that comforts the newly dead, and it is wonderful.


I was curious about Nebthet for a long time, but could never get close to her. I never felt there was an enforced distance as such, I just couldn't hear her. She is famously quiet. But she can be heard, you just have to learn to still yourself enough to pick her out. Once you do, she becomes easier to tune into.

She's gentle and kind. Sometimes I get glimpses of the face of the mourner, a delicate sadness that shows through. But mostly, she has reserved smiles for all things. She reminds me of my meditation and mindfulness practice, very thoughtful, very non-judgemental, and never hasty.


Serqet is my first Beloved, and yet has taken me a very long time to get to know. For most of our years together, I saw her as harsh, almost cruel in her healing ways.

Recently I have come to realise that she is in fact warm and motherly, loving and kind, and does not look forward to any of the pain she has to cause in the course of her care. Her love is encompassing, and I am glad to have finally had chance to know it.


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Wepwawet and sed


The Early Days

In 2009, I was divined a child of Wepwawet-Yinepu via the Kemetic Orthodox Rite of Parent Divination.

What this means is that in lieu of say, a family God, which I might have had were I born and raised in Ancient Egypt, Wepwawet-Yinepu was divined by Rev. Tamara Siuda, the head priest and Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy. "Wepwawet-Yinepu" essentially means I am a child of Wepwawet, but Yinepu, or Anubis, Anup, or Anpu, is a God that may be of interest or relevance to me, should I come to a place where I desired to look into him.

I have personally always experienced Anup and Wepwawet as very separate, and have felt that Anup is friendly, but not inclined to insert himself into my life. And I'm ok with that.

Realising that I was a child of Wepwawet made sense to me, and I rapidly connected with him. I perceived him as a mischievous, but rampantly friendly God. Always happy to share a drink, always there for me no matter what. I associated him strongly with boxes, as liminal space, and dice, coins and such things, as symbols of chance, moments when the Ways could be changed.

A God Evolved

As I grew in my faith, so too did my understanding of Wepwawet grow. He became a somewhat more mature version of himself at times, which was fine as it was what I needed. I spent some time while I was an independent doing morning temple rites from Eternal Egypt, and during this time again, he became more mature. I assumed this was because these rituals were connecting me to another aspect of him.

This aspect was deeper, more far reaching, more cosmic. I've seen some people call it "star jackal", but that name doesn't resonate with me. It is Wepwawet for me, and needs no other name. He sits at the centre of all things, and there every Way meets, and there he controls them All.

At the time, he also began to manifest kingship. I would find him upon a throne, clutching his staff, emanating power until I would fall to the floor before him. This was my first indication that Sed was present, but at the time I did not realise.

The Ancient Canid

The Kingly, cosmic aspect of Wepwawet slowly grew until it consumed almost all of him. It became one of the only aspects I could see, and certainly the most important aspects that I worked with. Eventually, I came to recognise it as likely being Sed. It feels old, and huge, and strongly associated with the throne and with judgement.

I began to ask, who are You? Are you Wepwawet-as-King? As you Wepwawet-Sed? Are you a Sed-y Wepwawet? I got the answer, "Yes." It was not greatly helpful.

Time passed and I spent more time evaluating my experiences. I came to the conclusion that this had to be Sed. I knew in my heart it was true. This time I asked, are you an aspecting or syncretisation of Wepwawet and Sed? And this time, the answer was yes.

I believe that my Wepwawet is an aspecting of Wepwawet and Sed, and that they flow back and forth like liquid. Sometimes a more formal Wepwawet, with Sed barely visible. Sometimes Sed, all power and might, with Wepwawet hidden beneath. And sometimes a strange mix where I couldn't tell you who was who, only that it is my father.


Working with this mix is.... interesting. I cannot predict for sure, even upon request, who exactly I will be facing on any given day. But I am their child, and that is all that matters. So I serve them with pride.

Divinatory Revelatory

I love divination, and have all of my adult life. I practice tarot, oracle, and rune reading, as well as the Kemetic Orthodox system of fedw which is expanded upon below. I am happy to perform readings in any of these systems.


Fedw is a geomantic method of divination taught by Kemetic Orthodoxy. Four objects are thrown, and divined upon. Each diviner throws and divines only for their "Parent" God or Gods, or in some cases, perhaps a "Beloved", or the akhu (blessed dead). Parents and Beloveds are specific categories of Netjeru divined in the Rite of Parent Divination, a rite of passage within Kemetic Orthodoxy.

In my case, I currently divine only for Wepwawet, a jackal God known as the Opener of the Ways. My particular form of Wepwawet is Wepwawet-Sed, and varies from easy-going to quite kingly and cosmic.

Fedw is never done for payment, and it cannot answer medical, love, or legal questions, or questions of a serious spiritual nature (eg: "Does my God love me?", "Is X my spiritual Parent?").

Fedw also does not deal well with open-ended or loaded questions, or questions where the client already knows the answer, but guidance is provided to some degree on how to best phrase your query for the system.

Currently I only offer Fedw itself for yes/no style questions. For questions that need further exploration or expansion, or for questions that cannot fit the yes/no style format, I use runic and oracle deck divination with the querent's consent. I have cleared these with Wepwawet to be able to take answers through him much as with Fedw itself.

Requesting a Reading

To request a reading with any of these systems, please send me a message using the button below. I do not accept payment at this time, but you are welcome to buy me a Ko-Fi (except for Fedw), and you are always welcome to donate time, energy, or money to charity if you feel an energetic exchange is important.

hands-on, hands-off

I am currently attuned to Shoden level, and Master level in Usui Reiki. I have studied Shoden level in traditional Japanese Reiki, and Level 2 in Usui Reiki.

What does that mean though?

Usui Reiki

In Usui Reiki, I have been attuned to 1st, 2nd, and Master degrees. I have studied the required material for 1st and 2nd degrees, but have elected not to study Master degree information yet as I do not feel the need to attune others at this time.

Usui Reiki healings tend to involve a standard hand positions, which are followed regardless of the intuition of the practitioner. Additional time may be spent in a given position if the practitioner feels drawn to do so.

Traditional Japanese Reiki

In traditional Japanese Reiki, I have learned techniques for in-person and distant healing. While Shoden is equivalent to 1st degree in Usui Reiki, distant healing is taught in some courses at this level.

Traditional healings tend to follow the practitioner's intuition. The practitioner may wait until they feel drawn to an area of the recipient's body, of they may do a "scan" of the recipient's body for areas that may need reiki.

Requesting a Distant Healing

I am happy to do distant healings for people on request. Providing a picture of yourself is optional, but can be helpful. To request a healing please click the button below. I do not accept payment at this time, but you are welcome to buy me a Ko-Fi, or to donate time, energy, or money to charity if you feel an energetic exchange is important.